MCX Metals

MCX Metals Tips is a special package designed for intraday traders, who are interested in trading high accurate recommendations on MCX Aluminium, MCX Copper, MCX Lead, MCX Nickel and MCX Zinc at very reasonable price.

This package suits the clients or traders seeking safe and moderate returns along with safe-guarding their capital.



  • Commodities like MCX Aluminium, Aluminium Mini, Copper, Copper Mini, Iron ore, Lead, Lead Mini, Nickel, Nickel Mini, Tin, Zinc an Zinc Mini will be covered
  • Single target & fixed stop loss for all calls
  • Daily 2-3 high accurate intraday trading tips
  • Only current market price calls
  • Capital Requirement: INR 40,000 or above
  • Period based package
  • Up to 85% accuracy level
  • Daily, weekly & monthly newsletter
  • Call updates, follow-ups, all important news & market related information
  • Complete support on direct mobile number & chat (through google-talk)
  • User Id & password to members zone

Medium of Information

Medium of Information

  • Information/calls will be provided only via SMS & Google-Talk (Online-Chat)
  • India: All GSM and CDMA networks will be covered

Sample Calls

Sample Call (Example)

  • Buy Copper MCX Jan Future
  • Current Price: 382
  • Target: 392
  • Stop Loss: 379.50

Call Update (Example)

  • Copper MCX Jan Future Call Update:
  • Buy given @ 382
  • Made the high of 392.40
  • Current price: 392.20
  • Book Profit as Target Achieved



  • Rs. 3,000/- Monthly
  • Rs. 7,650/- Quarterly
  • Rs. 14,400/- Half Yearly
  • Rs. 27,000/- Yearly

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