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Technical Analysis

Commodity trading levels are based on 4 hour chart – Last updated at 09:35 am on Jan 21, 2015


Super Trend


Gold 27590 Buy
Silver 38140 Buy
Crude Oil 2790 Buy
Natural Gas 190.40 Sell
Copper 360.30 Sell
Nickel 923.20 Sell

Latest Commodity News:

Spot Commodity Rates

  • Spot Bullion Rates
  • Spot Energy Rates

Spot Bullion Rates:

Bullion Measure Price %Change
Gold 10 GRMS 27939 -0.81
Gold Guinea AHM 8 GRMS 22441 -0.81
Gold Petal DEL 1 GRMS 2800 -0.74
Gold Petal MUM 1 GRMS 2805 -0.74
Silver 1 KGS 39534 -0.37
Silver 1000 DEL 1 KGS 39608 -0.24
Silver Micro AHM 1 KGS 39534 -0.37

Spot Energy Rates:

Energy Measure Price %Change
Brent Crude Oil 1 BBL 3021 1.78
Crude Oil 1 BBL 2944 2.43
Crude Oil Mini MUM 1 BBL 2944 2.43
Natural Gas HZR 1 mmBtu 183.2 4.62